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Chris Bourne


COMPUTERLOCK produces a large black tray and stand for the ZX-81 or Spectrum which tidies all the wiring for a computer. You can stand a TV set on top of the stand, which is about 9in. high, to provide a better view. The tray is large - 25 x 17.5in. with a 1in. wide ridge all the way round. The TV stand should support the weight of most TV and the model tested had the two extra mains switches fitted. They are optional extras at £3 each but you will have to wire them to the mains yourself. If you are unsure you can ask an electrician to wire it from the diagram provided.

A hole in the front of the stand permits access to the keyboard but the remainder of the wiring is hidden.

The cassette leads can be taken out of the side of the stand at the left but they will be near the mains leads, as that is the only exit. It will not be possible to use the Sinclair printer as it will be under the stand, as well as any Microdrives.

Altogether a sturdy package but it would be difficult to use if you intend to add anything on the back of the computer which requires access during programming. The Computerlock console costs £31.50 and is suitable for the ZX-81 or the Spectrum. Computerlock, 2 Wychperry Road, Haywoods Heath. West Sussex RHI6 1HJ. Tel: 0444 451986.

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