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Orme Electronics
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Hardware: RAM/ROM
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Chris Bourne


ORME ELECTRONICS Eprom Read card for the 16K and 48K Spectrum fits into the ROM space which is unused at present and can provide more facilities for Basic programs. With the EPROM I fitted, 10 extra routines are added for program editing, such as block delete of any section of program, renumbering, variables dump. Commands which can be used in programs include left and right scrolls of the screen, TEXT justifier - to the printer only - and a very good sprite routine which will allow you to print various-sized characters at any location on the screen.

It will also allow you to turn round the characters by 90 degrees and print them in inverse and/or over other characters. There is also an extra graphics set which can be called-up from the ROM into the user-definable graphics area.

Each of the routines is used by giving a RANDOMISE USR-variable-command. An OUT command must also be used to change to a different section of routines as only 1K of the ROM is available at a time. The first routine is called by a number every time the program is RUN and that sets up the variable names to be used in the rest of the program. So, for instance, RANDOMISE USR REN would renumber aLl the lines in increments of 10 from 10.

The routines are easy to use if the examples are followed to the letter. VRD-variable dump-works only on variables created after the variable set-up routine and deletion of lines works only with lower-case REM del statements.


The EPROM board for use with motherboards costs £18.50 and the direct connecting type £21.25. Tape control costs £3.45 extra, as does EPROM I at £9.95. Postage and packing costs 75 pence for the U.K. and £1.75 overseas. Orme Electronics, 2 Barripper Road, Camborne, Cornwall TR14 7QN. Tel: 0209-715034.

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