Czes Kosniowski
Book: Spiral bound
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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

Fun Mathematics on your Microcomputer continues the educational theme. It is by Czes Kosniôwski and aims to show that mathematics can be entertaining.

Some of the explanations are a little difficult to understand and the general style of the book would make it of more interest to college or university students than to schoolchildren or adults with only a rudimentary understanding of mathematics. That is a pity as many of the ideas of the author are of interest to anyone who owns a computer.

The most interesting chapters cover games playing and graphics. If you are interested in gaming strategy or how to draw three-dimensional shapes, the book is for you.

Kosniôwski shows that almost every operation performed by a computer is in some way governed by numbers and that it is with equations and formulae that games and graphics are designed. The book, from Cambridge University Press, costs £4.95.

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