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Granada Publishing
Mike James
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The Complete Programmer, by Mike James, is another book which professes to show the beginner the difference between good and bad programming practice. It is different from most of the others which seem to be written by people who know a good deal about theory but not so much about practice.

James makes no claim about being an expert in programming techniques, although he obviously is, and even stresses that there is no such thing as good programming technique, only preferred.

If a reader can tolerate the dense style of the author the text is guaranteed to increase knowledge of programming and therefore make programs easier and more fun to write. On top of that your programs will run faster than they used to do and the listings will be easier to understand.

The Complete Programmer is one book on 'better' programming technique which can be thoroughly recommended. James' style is slightly heavy-going and some of his arguments could be compressed from a page to a paragraph but the book is worth having as a reference or learning manual.

It costs £5.95 and can be obtained from Granada Publishing. It is slightly expensive but the information it contains is worth the extra money.

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