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Chris Bourne


USERS who struggle to hear the Spectrum BEEP may well consider the new Pinnacle sound amplifier marketed by Add-On Electronics. The battery-powered unit plugs into either the EAR of MIC socket and provides enough sound to annoy the whole family.

The unit is housed in an attractive 80mm. x 55mm. x 90mm. silvery plastic casing which contains a large 8ohm speaker, four HP7 batteries and a small amplifier board which gives up to 800mW output. A LED on the front gives an indication of the battery strength.

The major disadvantage is the lack of any volume control. The only control you have is that the EAR socket gives more volume than the MIC socket. It appears to be a case of spoiling the ship for a hap'o'th of tar. Apart from that the unit worked satisfactorily and one set of batteries lasted for more than 100 hours of continuous use. A side product is that two of the units could be used to amplify a personal stereo.

The Pinnacle is obtainable, for £9.95, from Add-On Electronics, Unit 7, Shire Hill Industrial Estate, Saffron Walden, Essex.

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