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Fontana Publishing
Book: Paperback
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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

Input an Investigation, by Lois and Floyd McCoy, provides a series of classic mysteries featuring those American computer whizz-kids, the Bytes Brothers, pictured below.

Those brain boxes work their way through five mysteries and always get the correct solution using their home computer called Nibble.

As with any good detective story all the clues for the solution have been incorporated in the plot. The computer programs used to solve the crimes are also included, along with a full explanation of their structure and creation.

The book is for children but adults will be equally enthralled. It provides excellent entertainment and value for money. The good news is that the authors are writing a series of these entertaining books and the second, Program a Problem, is on the way. Input an Investigation can be obtained from Fontana Armada originals for £1.25.

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