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Pan Books Ltd
J.J. Clessa
Book: Paperback
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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

Continuing with the entertainment theme, Pan Books, in association with Personal Computer News, has produced a hook of Micro Puzzles. Most of the questions set in the book can be solved using your computer.

Micro Puzzles is split into three sections, each of which has a different type of conundrum. The first section is made up of three prize problems. They are very complex and if you can solve all three you can enter a competition to win an ACT Apricot computer.

The next section contains some quickies which could be solved without the aid of a computer. Most of the puzzles require logical thought but some are included for a joke.

The final section is called Micro-puzzles and includes some very tough quizzes. You will need your microcomputer for most of them, although the main problem will he trying to find a program to produce the solutions.

Much thought has gone into the production of Micro Puzzles and the result is a challenge to your ability to solve problems in programs. The book costs £2.95.

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