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Penguin Books Ltd
Book: Paperback
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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

A mixture of congratulations and criticism goes to Penguin for its publication of The Penguin Computing Book, by Susan Curran and Ray Curnow.

Congratulations are due because the company has managed to publish a book which contains a step-by-step guide to computers and electronics. The criticism is that there is nothing new in the format, although the authors have tried to provide a simple and concise explanation of almost everything relating to digital electronics, analogue electronics and computers.

Reading the book it appears that the authors have tried to cram too much information into a small space. Any difficulty in following arguments will not be because of any complexity in the text but because so much information is covered in a few pages.

The structure of the book suggests that it should be read from cover to cover, like War and Peace, but it serves better as a handbook to be dipped into when necessary. The index is just adequate for such a purpose. The glossary and bibliography are also useful. The book costs £5.95.

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