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Garth W.P. Davies
Book: Paperback
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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

On a slightly simpler level, Using Your Home Computer by Garth Davies provides a series of software projects for the owner of any microcomputer. Only brief details of the example protects are given, there are no Basic programs to type-in, and the computer owner is left to do the difficult research.

That may sound like hard work but the author is trying to make the reader think about writing software. Part of the book explains system design and provides examples of computer applications. It shows how to work through a protect, from the initial ideas to the rough design and, finally, the coding.

The sample projects include an address book, diary and family tree. All of them involve producing databases with similar structures and the author talks in some detail about the techniques which can be used.

It is a delight to see such a book on the market. It costs £3.50 and can be obtained from Macmillan Press.

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