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Chris Bourne


KELAN, or rather its trade name Hobbyboard, is well-known among hobbyists as a supplier of hardware and complete kits. Its latest offering is a prototyping kit which can be used for the ZX81, Spectrum or Jupiter Ace. The kit - part No. HB/2090 - will give a professional finish to any project and can be used for many of the designs in Sinclair Projects.

In each kit are a prototype PCB, with space for 10 16- pin ICs - or perhaps 12 - and a Veroboard scratch pad, a Spectrum-style 28-way edge connector - that can be cut down for use on other machines - an extender card, a 9-pin D-type, Atari-style PCB mounting socket, and a case in which to put it all. Case screws are included.

Costing £9.50 inc., the kit is very good value. Contact Kelan (Hobbyboard), North Works, Hookstone Park, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG2 7BU. Tel: 0423-883672.

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