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Chris Bourne


MOST COMPUTER hardware falls into one of two categories. Either it is a marvel of modern science or, as is unfortunately too often the case, it is over-priced and unnecessary. The Fatherboard, marketed by Censcot, could be said to be in a category of its own.

It could not be said to be visually impressive but it does what it was designed to do remarkably well. It is a board on which a computer and all its peripherals can be put securely so that they can be moved as a unit. It has an ingenious method of holding a listing so that it can be typed in comfort.

The main board measures 30cm. by 60.5cm. overall with rubber feet on the bottom and back edge. Into that is inlaid a piece of pegboard 27.5cm x 58cm. - with enlarged holes at strategic points. That is first removed. The computer, tape deck and any other items are laid out and then tied to the board using the wire supplied. There are also bolts to act as anchor points.

All the leads can then be threaded through the bigger holes and any slack hidden underneath. The pegboard is then replaced in the main board and screwed into place. Also supplied is a nylon dust cover which fits over the board with a hole at the front to allow access to the carrying handle on the main board. As everything is secured to the board it can be carried and stored vertically.

The copyholder is a board which is secured vertically to any two holes on the peg board. On to that the moving cursor is fitted. That is two clothes pegs through which a piece of string has been threaded. Tied to the string are two pieces of wood. When properly arranged, one piece of wood can be moved up and down to keep track of where you are in your listing.

If you have sat on the edge of an armchair in front of the family TV with a computer on one knee and a magazine on the other trying to type in a listing surrounded by wires and pieces of computer, only to be told to clear everything away, then you can see how useful the Fatherboard could be. It may not be much to look at but it is well-thought-out.

Fatherboard is marketed by Censcot, 25 Laurelhill Place, Stirling, Scotland FK8 2JJ. It costs £17.50 plus £1.50 p&p.

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