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Camel Products
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Hardware: RAM/ROM
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Chris Bourne


THE NEW ROM SP from Camel Products is a utility device which allows Spectrum users to retrieve programs stored in EPROMs. Up to 16K of EPROM can be used and there is the option of either having the program load on power up or by pressing a pushbutton.

The ROM SP can be used on both Spectrums but the Camel companion EPROM programmer, the PROMER-SP, would be difficult to use on the 16K machine because of lack of memory.

The unit is housed in a custom-designed ABS case and has a flexible connector to the Spectrum user port; on the rear is an extender card for other add-ons. On the top of the case there is a LED, which lights when a program is being transferred and a push switch.

The unit worked well, the only difficulty being when used on an issue 1 Spectrum.

For the dedicated EPROM user the unit is essential. Details of the Camel PROMER-SP were not available at the time of writing but a program is apparently provided to allow only essential data to be stored - Basic and/or machine code - to optimise space on the EPROM.

The ROM SP costs £29.95, as does the PROMERSP, both plus VAT. EPROM erasers are also available from £18.95 plus VAT, all inclusive of p&p. Camel Products is at 1 Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1UY. Tel: 0223-314814.

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