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Chris Bourne


MICROBYTE has launched a new software protection unit for the Spectrum. It is designed to prevent the computer crashing in the event of either mains noise or a power failure.

The Spectrum power supply is plugged into the unit and a lead is then plugged into the power socket of the Spectrum.

Inside the unit are six AA-type rechargeable batteries and, if there is a power failure, the batteries are kept topped-up and should last for up to 15 minutes. That will give you time to save a program if you have a battery-powered cassette player to hand.

The unit also contains a small circuit to cut mains interference. It is very disconcerting to load a program into the machine, switch it off at the mains and then switch it on again to find that you have not lost the program.

The unit is very easy to use. Once it is plugged in it can be forgotten and yet it gives great peace of mind. Costing £13.95 inc. for either the ZX-81 or Spectrum version, it may well save a good deal of frustration. Microbyte is at 19, Worcester Close, Lichfield, Staffordshire.

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