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Chris Bourne


THE LAUNCH of the Spectrum heralded an avalanche of graphics pads and software utilities. The Format 4 kit from Orion Software is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and certainly one of the best.

Housed in a smart black ring binder, the kit consists of two main parts. On the rings are 80 sheets of various-sized grids.

As well as that there is a clear plastic wallet to hold loose pieces of paper, a plastic ruler marked with a pixel scale and a translucent screen for placing over pictures with a full 32 * 24 grid, each square sub-divided into an 8*8 grid with markings round the sides showing the lines and columns, pixel positions and the memory addresses of each pixel line in hexadecimal.

Inside the front cover are a note pad, seven coloured pens to use on the various sheets, a water-soluble ink pen for use on the translucent screen, a calculator to help calculate the UDGs and a C15 cassette with an optional drawing program.

If you are looking for a serious graphics aid for a Spectrum this kit should be near the top of your list. The only part which is not necessary is the optional program.

The kit costs £16.95 or with the extra program £21.50, plus £2.50 p&p. The cassette is avaiLable separately at £6.50. A pack of refill sheets can be obtained for £3.95. If that is too costly, the SP2 kit consisting of translucent screen, pen and wallet is £3.75.

Orion also produces Teleplan, a 32 x 22 grid on a piece of clear plastic which fixes on to a TV screen and is available for either 14in. or l6in. sets at £1.25 plus 50p p&p. More information from Orion Software Products, Pippbrook Mill, London Road, Dorking, Surrey.

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