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Chris Bourne


THE ORIGINAL Pixel Pad, now marketed by Peter Blanford & Co, has been released again, with versions for the BBC, Spectrum and Commodore 64, along with a new Graphic Grids pack.

The Pixel Pad is the biggest pad available, being 43cm. x 29.5cm. overall. It has a full screen grid, 29cm. x 21.5cm. of 24 lines by 32 columns, each character square being sub-divided into 8 x 8. Both the character squares and the plot positions are marked. At the bottom of the pad are eight 8 x 8 grids marked from 1 to 128 for UDGs. At the side is a summary of all the commands you are likely to need.

The Graphic Grids are A5 size and have 16 8 x 8 grids and a 13 x 4 screen grid. The pads are aimed mainly at educational users but a 50-sheet Pixel Pad can be obtained from Peter Bamford & Co, 10 Barley Mow Passage, Chiswick, London W4 4PH. Tel: 01-994 6477. It costs £4.95 plus £1 p&p. Graphic Grids are priced at £2.45. They are also available through the Spectrum chain of shops.

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