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Treetop Designs
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Chris Bourne


IF YOU often carry your Spectrum the S1 Computer Case by Treetop Designs could be useful. The case is a standard size, 480mm. x 380mm. x 110mm. executive briefcase with an ABS insert moulded to accept the computer, power supply, Sinclair printer and a cassette deck.

The moulding inclines the Spectrum to a comfortable working angle and includes a small panel which has a LOAD/SAVE switch and a reset button. When in use the lid of the case can be removed.

The unit ensures that all the leads are out of sight and, when you upgrade your Spectrum by buying an Interface One and Microdrives, you can also obtain a new moulded insert - S2 - to house them.

Both versions of the case cost £47.95 with extra inserts at £15.45 and can be obtained from Treetop Designs, 61, Widmore Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 3AA.

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