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Chris Bourne


A NEW poystlck interface has been released by Rainbow Electronics. It has a built-in beep amplifier. The interface has one good point in that it can be programmed as a game is running. Other than that not much can be said for it.

To program it, you have to hold down a key, move the joystick, and then release the key. You must do that for each of the normal four positions, then again for the four positions while also holding the fire button and again if you want to move diagonally, a feat which would need at least three hands.

Once programmed, a switch on the front of the interface is moved to the play position; it disables the keyboard. Finally there is no volume control for the sound amplifier.

The interface is also poorly made. The 28-way edge connector normally has a plastic locating blank to line it up. In this case it is merely a blob of solder. The connector, and the joystick socket, are stood off from the interface PCR by about 1in.

The unused pins are left hanging. That is very unstable and could short out. There are also some resistors soldered in mid-air rather than via the PCB.

At £24 plus £1 p&p the interface is competitively priced but could not be recommended. Rainbow Electronics is at Glebe House, South Leigh, Witney, Oxfordshire OX8 6XJ.

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