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Transform Ltd
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Chris Bourne


TRANSFORM is considered by many to have produced the Rolls Royce of the add-on keyboards for the Spectrum.

While other keyboard companies have reduced prices, or even stopped producing since the launch of the Spectrum Plus, Transform has shrugged it aside, improved its keyboard, and increased the price to £79.95.

The improvements are the inclusion of four shifted cursor keys and an additional Caps Shift to the right of the bottom row of keys, matching the one on the left.

The numeric pad has been altered to include a Full Stop and an additional Enter key. The old single key functions on the main keyboard are retained.

Inside, the additional interface required by some Spectrum Issue 3 users is fitted as standard. The power supply now has to be connected to the keyboard, a lead then plugs into the back of the Spectrum. The redesign, and the metal case, results in the keyboard weighing over 3kg even before the Spectrum is fitted, a veritable heavyweight.

The Transform is definitely for the serious user; the key switches alone cost the manufacturer more than the Spectrum Plus upgrade, and it is the only keyboard with three-colour key caps. Transform might not sell many keyboards at that price but there are times when only the best will do.

Transform Ltd, 24 West Oak, Beckenham, Kent BR3 2EZ. Tel: 01-658 6350.

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