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Chris Bourne


THE ZXL PRINT III, from Euroelectronics is one of the most comprehensive printer interfaces available for the Spectrum. With a choice of both Centronics and RS232 in the one interface it will satisfy most users.

The interface has an on-board EPROM which means that you do not have to worry about loading any driving software. Once it has been initialised with the command LPRINT it will output text to any printer. It can then be further configured TO COPY to one of six different printers. There is also the facility to load your own driving software from tape.

With a basic price of £34.95, plus £9.95 for each cable, Centronics or RS232, all inclusive, the interface is one of the cheapest EPROM models on the market. Euroelectronics is at 26, Clarence Square, Cheltenham, Glos.

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