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Hardware: Joystick
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Chris Bourne


Conventional joysticks are dead! claims Cheetah Marketing, unleashing the RAT upon an unsuspecting public. The RAT - Remote Action Transmitter - is a joystick with a difference, remote controlled, working up to 15 feet from the receiver unit.

The receiver unit has a user port connector and a rear edge connector for other add-ons. The unit picks up infra-red beams from the hand set, which is touch sensitive and similar to TV remote control. The handset has two touch pads which work in a similar manner to the ZX-81 keyboard. In the base is a compartment which takes a PP3 battery. The RAT is operated by pointing its nose at the screen and pressing its pads.

The RAT was tried on several games, and was found to be hard on the hands because of the pressure needed to push the pads.

When used on TVs with a remote control facility the RAT changed channels constantly without controlling the objects on the screen. Cheetah assures us that this bug has now been eliminated. On other TVs and monitors the RAT worked well.

Retailing at £29.95, the RAT can be run to ground in High Street chain stores and computer shops.

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