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Hardware: RAM/ROM
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Chris Bourne


ALTHOUGH Sinclair is no longer building 16K Spectrums, some shops still have few left in stock and are selling them at bargain prices, in some cases for as little as £69.95. Upgrade prices are also coming down so if you are prepared for a little DIY you could end up with new 48K Spectrum for only £89.95.

The cheapest upgrade we have found is the Citadel 32K memory expansion, £20.00 to readers of Sinclair User, £24.00 to everyone else, including VAT and p&p. It has an advantage in that it uses 64K chips, rather than 32K, so that if you buy the TV Services of Cambridge system, you get two 32K pages of memory.

First catch a 16K Spectrum, then contact Citadel Products Ltd, 50 High Street, Edgware, Middlesex HA8 7EP. Tel: 01-951 1848.

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