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Chris Bourne


THE NEW Slot from Currah, noted for its Speech, is designed to allow two dead-ended add-ons to be fitted at the same time. The unit plugs into the back of the Spectrum and has two extender cards, one from the back and the other vertically, for the add-ons.

In that way you can use the Speech and joystick interface at the same time or, for full-size keyboard users, it permits a Kempston printer interface to be fitted easily.

The vertical slot may prove to be of limited use and, if you have ever experienced ZX-81 RAM pack wobble, you may find it better to use a flexible connector if you have a number of add-ons to fit. Nevertheless the Slot has many uses.

Costing £14.95, it is available for Currah Computer Components Ltd, Graythorp Industrial Estate, Hartlepool, Cleveland TS25 2DF.

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