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DK'Tronics Ltd
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Hardware: Joystick
Unknown (Imported From Infoseek)
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Chris Bourne


THE NIDD Valley Slomo was a good idea, as was the Kempston joystick standard. DK'tronics has brought out the Games Player, a combined slow motion/Kempston compatible joystick interface.

The Kempston standard is available on most popular games and the ability to slow down a game to a manageable speed is a boon to finger-bruised alien zappers.

The interface has a joystick socket, speed control and slow motion on/off switch on the top. Unlike Slomo you can not freeze the action completely but you can slow it down more than enough for most needs. At £14.95 it is good value.

Meanwhile Nidd Valley has stated that if their UK Patent application is successful slow motion peripherals will only be available from them. The ensuing wrangle could be interesting.

DK'tronics, Unit 6, Shirehill Industrial Estate, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 3AQ. Tel: 0799-26350.

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