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Chris Bourne


FULLER is dead, long live Fuller. From the ashes of Fuller's demise Nordic Keyboards UK has risen like a phoenix to carry on the name.

Nordic Keyboards, who used to make the keyboards for Fuller, stepped in, bought up the old stock, and is now selling all the old products, including a brand new keyboard.

The Executive keyboard is outwardly very similar to the Fuller FDS, but inside it has been completely changed. You no longer have to remove the Spectrum from its case.

Interface 1 users are also catered for and with a little minor surgery to the back of the case it too can be fitted inside.

The keyboard gives you nine extra function keys, as well as doubling up the shift keys. These are four shifted cursor keys, E mode, Delete, Full Stop, Comma and shifted Break. The only other key which might have been useful would have been Edit but the two oversize Caps Shift keys almost make up for it.

As with the original Fuller keyboards it rattles a little in operation but the keys have a good, if light, feel to them. The shifted cursor keys are a boon when programming or word processing.

The price of £59.95 puts it in the middle of the keyboard price range among many which do not have moving keys, which require you to disassemble the Spectrum and which do not have as many functions.

Further details of Fuller products including a revamped FDS, can be obtained from Nordic Keyboards UK, Randles Road, Knowsley, Merseyside. Tel: 051-546-0486.

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