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Chris Bourne


YET ANOTHER joystick interface from a new hardware company made its appearance at the last Microfair. The Interstate 31 from Bud Computers Ltd is a standard Kempston interface - i.e. it will work with all Kempston compatible games - but has two additions.

On some games you must repeatedly hit the fire button as only one bullet/rocket/ bomb is fired for each key press. With this interface a small switch is moved to the 'Auto' position and now by keeping the fire button pressed you maintain firing, a great saving on both finger and keyboard. Secondly, a reset button has been included, allowing you to break out of a machine code game without pulling the plug.

As is all too common these days, the interface does not have a through connector for other add-ons. It sits flat and there should be no problems with the joystick lead fouling the computer if you have a full-sized keyboard.

Bud Computers Ltd is at 196 Milburn Road, Ashington, Northumberland NE63 0PH. Tel: (0670) 856616.

The interface is priced at £11.95. It is guaranteed for 18 months or 30,000 Galactic miles, although no one has yet claimed under the latter.

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