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Hardware: Keyboard
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Chris Bourne


NOW may not be the best time to launch a new add-on keyboard for the Spectrum, following so soon after the introduction of the Spectrum Plus, but the 68FX2 from LMT might tempt even owners of those to upgrade their computer.

Not only does the 68FX2 use moving keys but there are 68 of them, including many single key functions, and all for only £39.95.

Fifteen of the keys are on a separate numeric pad giving the numbers 0 to 9, plus, divide, multiply, subtract, and point (full stop) as single key functions, and Enter. On the main keyboard, which includes a full-sized space bar, are two oversized Caps Shift keys, four shifted cursor keys, Edit, Delete, Break, Graphics, Caps Lock, Extended Mode, Run, and Comma.

Interface 1 fits under the keyboard which is also designed to take LMT's prposed disc interface and printer port internally.

At the price the nearest rival is the DK'Tronics keyboard which, with the extra printed key caps, is more expensive and offers fewer features. The Enter key has been moved up a line, to Q-P from A-L, which takes some getting used to.

For further details contact LMT Computers, Unit 2, 274 Baker Street, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 3LS. Tel: 01-367 0035.

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