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Chris Bourne


AN ATTRACTIVE alternative to the common TV set is provided by the Microvitec Cub monitors for the Spectrum and QL.

The Spectrum 452 Cub, cased in metallic black, is supplied with an interface lead which plugs into the back. The connection to the Spectrum is made using a PCB which slots onto the bus at the back of the computer.

Picture quality is excellent and the definition of graphic and textual displays beats that of a television set. The reason for that is that the dot density on a TV screen is much thinner than that of the monitor. For business purposes the 452 will show charts with remarkable clarity and will be of great help in spotting the mistakes in word processed text as the quality of the picture will reduce eye fatigue.

For the QL the interface arrangement is much simpler because of the RGB port at the back of the machine. The lead is supplied as well as Sinclair Research.

The Cub 653 for the QL is smarter than the Spectrum version and is built into a black plastic moulded casing. Its definition enhances the QL display in both television and monitor modes.

Both monitors have a 22in screen. The Spectrum version can only be switched off at the mains whereas the QL Cub contains an illuminated switch at the front of the base.

The QL monitor costs £275.00 and the Spectrum Cub costs £225.00. Both versions can be obtained from Microvitec PLC, Futures Way, Boiling Road, Brad- ford, BD4 7TU.

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