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Chris Bourne


THE NIDD VALLLEY Extender Bar and Reset Button is one of the simplest pieces of hardware I have seen for a while.

It just plugs into the back of the Spectrum and extends the connector by roughly three centimeters. That is just enough to allow you to fit add-ons which, due to the case design, will not fit naturally.

As a bonus, there is a button on the side of the extender which gives a reset when pressed. That is better than pulling the power plug as you are less likely to damage such things as microdrive cartridges, and it will not de-program programmable joystick interfaces.

The extender is priced at £4.95 inc.

Nidd Valley Micro Products Ltd, Stepping Stones House, Thistle Hill, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire HG5 8JW. Tel: 0423 864488.

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