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Chris Bourne


TIMELY arrivals for the ZX-81 and Spectrum are the Nike-81 and Nike-SP from Cambridge Microelectronics Ltd. They are small boxes with rechargeable batteries which, in the event of a power cut, maintain the power to the computer so you do not lose your program.

On top is a switch to turn the computer on and off and two LEDs, a green one to show the computer is on and a red one for when the mains fail.

The box also contains a mains filter which stops any mains-borne interference from blowing the program. To test that a printer, TV, lamp, disc drive and the computer were connected through one switch which was turned off and on again without losing the program, a very severe test for any filter.

In use the box keeps itself charged and, in the event of a power cut, it can support the computer, interfaces and RAM packs for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you use your computer seriously then this is a vital addition.

Both the Nike-81 and Nike-SP are priced at £19.95 inc. and are available from Cambridge Microelectronics Ltd, 1 Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1UY.

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