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Chris Bourne


NEW from OEL is the TTX 2000 teletext adaptor for the Spectrum.

The unit is a decoder allowing you to look at and print out hundreds of pages of information transmitted free with the normal television broadcasts, but usually invisible because teletext is at the top of the screen. The service is free so those with a decoder, normally fitted inside a TV. A TV-type decoder uses a remote key pad whereas the TTX 2000 uses the Spectrum keyboard to access the information.

Teletext is up to the minute information on many different subjects; sport, news, weather, stock prices and even some computer games are included. Both the BBC and ITV transmit teletext, called Ceefax and Oracle respectively. All the channels offer comprehensive indexes, so making it quick and easy to find information. The advantage the TTX 2000 has over normal teletext televisions is its ability to save to tape or microdrive as a screen or to a printer.

Supplied with the decoder are an 18 volt power supply, a manual and a three-way connector lead. All that is then required is a strong television signal.

It costs £143.75 which represents good value and is less expensive than buying a teletext set. It can be obtained from OEL North Pint, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9BN.

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