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Hardware: Telecom/Network
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Chris Bourne


THE PROTEK 1200 modem and Spectrum interface are now available and can operate in two modes, 1200/75 for database connection such as Prestel and Micronet 800 and 1200/1200 for user-to-user communication over the telephone lines.

In Prestel mode the Spectrum becomes a Prestel keypad and basic information on using it in that mode is given in the instructions.

In user-to-user mode the other party you are contacting must also have a Protek 1200 modem running under the same software. After setting up the telephone link, informing the system of where the file you want to send sits in memory and defining block start and size for the code you are ready to transfer data.

Priced at £59.95 for the modem and £24.95 for the Spectrum interface they are available from Protek Computing.

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