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Hardware: Joystick
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Chris Bourne


THE RAM TURBO joystick interface for the Spectrum by Fleet Electronics is what Interface 2 should have been. As well as having two joystick ports, as on Interface 2, it also has a ROM cartridge slot, again like Interface 2. In addition, one of the joystick ports can be used for Kempston-compatible games and the other, if set up at switch-on, can be used as a Protek (cursor) compatible port.

The rear connector is a full Spectrum size as opposed to the Interface 2 ZX-81 size and the area surrounding the joystick port is big enough to take a standard D-type joystick connector.

To prevent users fitting the interface with the power on - the most certain way to blow up your Spectrum - it incorporates a 'Spectrum protect adaptor' a loop of plastic which covers the power socket on the Spectrum so that the lead must be removed before fitting. The only difficulty experienced with the interface was when trying to use a joystick with two independent fire buttons. When the second button was pressed the computer crashed.

If you are thinking of buying Interface 2, the RAM Turbo interface is better-designed and better value. It costs £22.95 plus £1 p&p from Ram Electronics (Fleet) Ltd, 106 Fleet Road, Fleet, Hampshire GU13 8PA.

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