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Chris Bourne


ONE advantage of the Spectrum Plus over the Spectrum and ZX-81 is the inclusion of a reset switch. That saves a lot of wear and tear on the power socket which, if it becomes too worn, can lead to reliability problems.

To save you the trouble of making your own switch, two companies, Yewser Friendly Products and Computerworld, have brought out their own. Both consist of the inevitable little black box, into which the power lead is plugged, a push switch, an LED indicator and a lead to the computer.

The push switch on the YF unit turns the power on and off - like the switch on a bedside lamp - while that from Computerworld requires a simple push to break contact. Neither of the units is a substitute for a mains on/off switch but both are convenient and simple to use.

Priced £5.45 for the Spectrum version, £4.95 for the ZX-81, plus 70p postage, the Yewser Friendly switch can be obtained from 7 Thames Street, Hampton, Middlesex TW12 2EW.

Computerworld at 208 Kent House Road, Beckenham, Kent at £4.99 for a Spectrum unit.

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