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Phipps Associates
Tony Barber
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Hall, Tony Samuels, Mark Knight
Chris Bourne

Another maze game where each maze represents (at a guess) a floor in a haunted hotel. The aim is to tear around picking up the four sections of a key, and assembling them while avoiding the evil spirits. This done, the player can move on to a harder level with more sprites.

John: This game has a highly original theme but looks rather like Pacman without the dots. The graphics are extremely good, with Happing bats and a skeleton with a funny walk. 7/10

Tony: Instructions were a little scarce, screen layout is exceptional but there could have been a greater variety of monsters in a 48K program. 8/10

Mark: The speed of this game is just about right and colour has been used to good effect, enhancing the well-defined graphics. It also includes a very nice loading display. 8/10