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Chris Bourne


USERS WHO still have a rubber Spectrum, or have upgraded to a Plus keyboard and have not wired up the reset switch, could benefit from the newly released reset/on/off switch from System 7 Electronics.

Repeatedly pulling out the power plug on the Spectrum to reset it can weaken the socket - which in turn can lead to reliability problems - and so a switch is a great help.

The little black box fits beween the power supply and the Spectrum. Next to the on/off switch is an LED to show when it is on, and it has a small push button which cuts the power when pushed. Although well made, this button - and all the others I've seen - is no substitute for a mains switch. However, it is more convenient than scrabbling for the wall socket to reset the Spectrum.

As combined reset/on/off switches go, this one is well priced at £5.00 inc p&p and could provide a useful stocking filler.

System 7 Electronics, 664, Anlaby High Road, Hull, North Humberside HU3 6UZ. Tel: 0482-508687.

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