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8th Day Software
Mike White
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mike Gerrard
Chris Bourne

One thing's for sure, 8th Day won't be getting its MBE this year! But it won't be worrying too much as I'm sure it'll be getting lots of orders for this regal romp to compensate. I found it a hoot, from start to... well, as far as I got.

Another Wednesday morning dawns, and you rip open your giro cheque as per usual. What's not as per usual is the name and amount on the cheque. A quarter of a million... payable to Queen Elizabeth? Is this the local pub? No, it's a DHSS cock-up and a half... or should that be a cock-and-a-half up? No matter. Down you go to the Post Office and you notice Princess Di queueing behind you to claim the Family Allowance. Prince William zooms about wearing a pair of falsies... false ears, that is. I bet he's been watching Spitting Image again. Well he must be getting bad habits from somewhere, as he kicks you in the leg and half-inches the giro. Can you recover it and get it back to the Palace before the Queen has to pawn the corgis? This is the adventurer's task.

In a call-box nearby you hear a scandalous message concerning Prince Andrew and a certain Cynthia (which I advise you to remember and pass on), while at the Dancing Kebab Greek restaurant Prince Philip is reminding Edward that you only smash the plates after you've eaten the food.

Can you have the necessary chats with Charles, can you catch Di in the bath and flog the photos to Fleet Street, and where does the moussaka fit in? Presumably not in the naughty knickers. There are some intriguing problems early on, and full use has been made of The Quill and The Patch, though not so The Illustrator as graphics are few and far between, and pretty poor when you find them. I like the regular London bus service, like the tube trains in Sherlock, and the number of seemingly independent characters that appear to have been crammed in is impressive. Someone at 8th Day certainly knows their way round The Quill, and whether they soon also know their way round the dungeons at the Tower of London remains to be seen. H.R.H. might not get the royal seal of approval, but it gets mine.