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Chris Bourne


KEMPSTON has greeted the launch of the Spectrum Plus by redesigning all its hardware to be easily fitted to the new machine.

Kempston, of course, are noted for inventing the Kempston standard for joystick interfaces and the price is now down to £9.95. The instructions supplied with it contain a useful routine to convert Psion's Flight Simulator to the Kempston standard. The Pro joystick interface, which has three sockets - Kempston and Cursor on one and Sinclair on the other two - plus a ROM socket, is now £19.95.

The company has also brought out two new joys- ticks, the Formula 1 and 2. The Formula 2 is the cheaper at £11.95 and features three fire buttons, one on the stick and two on the base. It is similar to the Quickshot I, and has a similar sloppy feel, even down to the rubber suckers on the bottom.

The Formula 1, at £16.95, is a much more rugged joystick. It uses micro-switches for the stick and leaf switches for the two large fire buttons. Kempston says that all internal parts can be replaced.

Another new addition is the Score Board joystick, priced £28.95. That is simply a joystick with a very large base, similar in size to a rubber Spectrum, with two fire buttons.

Further information from Kempston Micro Electronics Ltd, Singer Way, Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Kempston, Bedfordshire MK42 7AF. Tel: 0234 856633.

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