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Hardware: Joystick
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Chris Jenkins
Chris Bourne

What do you want in a joystick? Well, good response, preferably using hard-wearing microswitches. Auto-fire, but preferably as a switchable option for those games which don't need it. Stability, usually in the form of those little sticky suckers to anchor it to the table. Durability, with a nice steel shaft for guaranteed long life. Responsive fire buttons, equally well positioned for left or right handers. And finally, a choice of fire buttons in case you get one of your thumbs cut off.

You won't be surprised to hear, after all that build-up, that the RAM Delta lives up to the desired specification. It's a neat wedge shape which fits nicely into the hand, and the auto-fire switch is placed conveniently on the back. The two big red fire buttons - one on the base, one on the shaft - are firm and accurate, and the Delta responds well with the most demanding steer-and-shoot epics such as Cybernoid. Price is £9.99, reasonable for a microswitch device, and if you've just stamped your Mr Cheapie Easy-Break joystick into the ground, the Delta should fit the bill.

Model: Delta RD1A
Price: £9.99
Supplier: Ram Electronics, Units 8/15/16, Redfields Industrial Park, Redfield Lane, Church Cookham, Hampshire GU13 0RE. 0252 850085.
Reviewer: Chris Jenkins


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Auto-centering microswitched steel shaft, two micro-switched firebuttons (shaft and base), three base suckers, selectable auto-fire. Kempston-type joystick connector.