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Hardware: Joystick
Unknown (Imported From Infoseek)
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Chris Bourne


This was the most original idea at the recent PCW Show - which says something about how dismal the rest of it was. The Terminator is a Dutch import, but you don't need language lessons to use it.

Shaped exactly like a hand grenade, this matt black terror comes complete with a firing pin (don't try pulling it off - you'll just break it!) and a handle, which is in fact the trigger. The knobless shaft projects from the top, and while it might be too small for pudgy fingers, the action is precise.

Bound to be dreadful, you might think, but no! With its reliable microswitch construction and ideal shape for either rightor left-handers, The Terminator is a surprisingly good stick, masquerading as a gimmick. Pity there's no auto-fire; GRRR! That sort of thing makes me MAD!!!

Supplier: Robtek
PRICE: £19.95