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Hardware: Joystick
Unknown (Imported From Infoseek)
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Chris Bourne

ARCADE freaks who wear out joysticks at a rate of knots and are looking for a cheap replacement should look at the new Gunshot from Vulcan. Unlike most low cost joysticks, such as the Quickshot, it uses leaf spring switches and so should last a little longer.

It has the standard fea- tures of two fire buttons, one on the stick and the other on the base, rubber suckers to hold it on the table and a moulded grip.

The feel of a joystick is a matter of personal taste.

You have to move the Gun- shot stick a long way before it registers and some might prefer a more delicate touch.

With the joystick Vulcan is marketing a Kempston compatible interface, priced £11.50. The Gunshot, priced £8.95, is available from high street stores.

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