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Saga Systems Ltd
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Chris Bourne


WHILE the prices of dot matrix printers have been falling in recent years the price of daisywheel printers has remained fairly high, with only one at under £300. The Ibico LTR-1 is an 'impact band' printer which gives daisywheel quality print for only £169.95.

The low price means that it has a limited number of features, but surprisingly it has both Centronics and RS232C inputs as standard.

The printer is small, measuring 298mm by 63mm by 198mm, and is designed to take standard A4 sheets of paper. Tractor-fed paper can be used if the perforations are removed. There are no feed buttons provided, only a manual knob which, annoyingly, has to be pushed in and turned to feed the paper. You can only feed forwards.

Few control codes are available. The printer uses a buffer to store one line before it is printed. Carriage return and line feed operate as normal except that if they are received in reverse order double space printing is performed. Backspace deletes the previous character in the buffer, which means that you cannot use underscore to underline text.

Like a daisvwheel the printer is fairly slow. It operates at 12 characters per second, which is average for a daisywheel.

Despite those limitations we had no problems driving it from both Tasword II and Quill or obtaining listings. The output is reminiscent to that from a portable typewriter and, apart from being uneven in places, was very good. If you are looking for a low cost daisywheel printer the LTR-1 represents value for money.

For further details contact Saga Systems, 2 Eve Road, Woking, Surrey GU21 4JT.

Tel: 04862 22977.

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