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Hardware: Monitor/VDU
Unknown (Imported From Infoseek)
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Chris Bourne


THE NEW 14in, 1302-2 High Resolution Monitor from Opus Supplies is one of the few monitors which has been specially configured to work with the QL. It gives a clear 85 character display.

It is housed in a large cream case with the on/off switch and brightness controls to the right of the screen. All the other controls - height, vertical and horizontal hold, are well concealed in the back of the set. To get to them the instructions suggest that you poke a screwdriver through the ventilation slots in the back. Not something that should be recommended. Fortunately the set should not need any initial adjustment.

The monitor is priced at £299.95, including VAT and delivery, from Opus Supplies Ltd, 158 Caberwell Road, London SE5 0EE.

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