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Mastertronic Ltd
Not Known
Hardware: Joystick
Unknown (Imported From Infoseek)
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Jim Douglas
Chris Bourne


Jim Douglas check out two of the new-style pistol grip joysticks and chooses the top gun.

The Magnum, from Mastertronic is a designer joystick if ever there was one.

A black body, blue top and red shaft and fire button make it probably the least unpleasant looking joystick around.

Literally, magnum means 'big'. A fairly apt description. This is the most bulky joystick we've seen recently. Its fire-button is located towards the back and on a slopey bit and is designed to be thumb-driven.

The shaft can be located at the very top of the blue platform, and makes a very satisfying "click".

The main problem with the Magnum is that you'd expect to be able to slam away at it with gay abandon. The trouble is the grip is so big that you can't get a strong enough grip to be able to exert any force.

Magnum costs £12.50

Great, but not quite perfect.
Looks mega-strong, but isn't really.
Feels a bit plasticky, but is also quite nicely weighted.