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Hardware: Joystick
Unknown (Imported From Infoseek)
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Jim Douglas
Chris Bourne


Jim Douglas check out two of the new-style pistol grip joysticks and chooses the top gun.

The Phaser One isn't particularly cool. It sits around looking pretty dull and generally old.

In fact, it's quite a natty little number. The plastic is robust, and the fire button is in a really convenient place.

It feels, somehow, just right and the balance is good.

The only problem is that the stick on top sometimes gets stuck pointing in a strange direction, causing you to meet a horrible death during a potential world-beating attempt at Billy and The Springy Things.

Phaser One loses major cool points owning to the completely ghastly logo on the stick. Apart from that, it's pretty sound.

Phaser One is available though Britannia Software and costs £12.95

Nice, but naff logo
Very tough. Maybe the stick would weaken?
Loses on point for being a tad too small, and anther for having a dodgy shaft.