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Dave Collins
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Ross Holman, Roger Willis, Dave Nicholls
Chris Bourne

Ross: Is there really a market for another pool game? Answer... probably only if it's sufficiently different from the others to maintain interest. Bubble Bus must have recognized this because Hustler provides six different games to choose from.

Having selected your particular poison, you see on-screen the table, balls and a status line at the bottom. The screen is white with green bars representing the cushions, and the balls are black - thus avoiding attribute corruption problems; they also have their numbers on them. To make a shot you move a cross to some point along the desired line between cue ball and object ball, and hit the 'fire' key. The speed of the shot is controlled by a strength indicator. Unfortunately, the speed of the balls never gets much beyond sluggish ... they just bounce for longer. An added refinement is the kind and strength of spin.

If you haven't got a pool game then this isn't bad. 2/5 MISS

Dave: The balls move accurately, but rather too slowly for my liking. The choice of games keeps it interesting for a while but it isn't good enough to knock CDS's Pool from the top of the Spectrum pool game league. 2/5 MISS

Roger: It's impossible for me to be objective about this pool package because I find the original game as objectionable as any programmed simulation. Trying desperately to be fair, I can only say that it must be possible to create better visual representation and action than this offering. 0/5 MISS