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Hardware: Joystick
Unknown (Imported From Infoseek)
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Chris Bourne


The new Zipstick from Cookridge Computer Supplies, is a competition-style joystick designed for a long life of furious action. It is compatible with all standard interfaces, such as Kempston and Sinclair, and has the D-type plug on it.

Standing seven inches tall the unit has several good features - rubber feet to stop it sliding and two separate fire buttons, one of which is a bar, while the other is on top of the stick. Made out of ABS high impact plastic with stainless steel springs, it is a good looking, easy to use, joystick and is guaranteed for two years.

Priced at £12.95 inc. p&p, the Zipstick is available from Cookridge Computer Supplies, PO Box 1W9, Leeds LS16 6NT.

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