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Not Known
Hardware: Joystick
Unknown (Imported From Infoseek)
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Chris Bourne


A real yuppie stick this. The sort of thing you expect to be given for passing your exams.

Sleek, stylish, clean and lean, this was probably designed by Italians, built by robots and broken by idiots.

The TAC-5 has a great gimmick - it clicks. That's why they call it the Tactile Audible Controller, see? Move the plastic handle - it clicks. Press one of the twin base-mounted fire buttons - it clicks. In fact, in the absence of auto-fire, the whole clicking thing is enough to drive you mental.

I can let you into a little secret. I took it apart to find that there's only one fire switch under the two buttons. (Cries of "Shame!" "Dashed bad show!" "May I leave the room?" etc). What's more, the life time guarantee doesn't apply to ordinary wear and tear. What other kind of wear and tear do they expect? Eh?

So, overall, good for bringing out on Sunday when Auntie comes to tea. but not a very VICIOUS stick

Supplier: Suncom
PRICE: £9.95