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Binatone (UK)
Not Known
Hardware: Cassette
Unknown (Imported From Infoseek)
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Chris Bourne


IN JUNE, Binatonc sent me its Data Recorder for review and I found it to be lacking in many respects. Recently another Data Recorder arrived at the office.

The Binatone has an upright playing mechanism, tape counter, monitor switch, and will auto-stop from Play. The instructions specifically show you how to plug in the leads from a Spectrum.

As before, it could load pre-recorded - commercial - programs easily but, also as before, it would not load a program that had been saved on itself. Even changing tape from a computer cassette to TDK failed to solve the problem. The only way to load a program was to take the tape that had been saved on the Binatone and play it on another deck.

If you are looking for a cassette deck to load games the Binatone is as good as any other, although a little pricey at £29.95 - but then you would have to buy another decent deck to play your own tapes.

Binatone Int Ltd, Binatone House, Beresford Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex HA0 1YX. Tel: 01-903 5211.

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