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Hardware: Joystick
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Chris Bourne


THE NEW programmable joystick interface for the Spectrum from East London Robotics is the cheapest on the market at only £10 when bought with a Trick Stick. It was designed originally so that Trick Stick owners could use the stick on non-Kempston-compatible games but it also has an Atari-style socket for standard joysticks.

The Interface is uncased. To program it, small metal clips are used to connect pins which represent the various rows and columns of the keys on the keyboard. That is very fiddly and time-consuming if you need to re-program it but it has the advantage that, once programmed, it is usable instantly from power-up.

If the interface is bought separately from the Trick Stick its price is £15. It is available by mail order from East London Robotics Ltd, Gate 1, Royal Albert Docks, London E11. Tel: 01474-4430.

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