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Nigel Edwards
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rachael Smith
Chris Bourne

Platforms and ladders provide the basis for Hypa Raid, but as it's at a budget price we need not complain. It's a case of completing screens by travelling from floor to floor via teleport lifts, opening doors by walking across panels with your fire button pressed, or pushing buttons on the walls and collecting pieces of an object - all while avoiding the wandering baddies. Later rooms include booby traps, which can only be crossed when they flash blue, and teleports to other rooms.

Those with an eagle eye will have realised that I've only described this in the most abstract terms (thought I'd slipped up, huh?). That's because I quite like the game on this level. What I don't like is the plot that's been tagged on. 'The Russians have built.... a MIG Starfighter... As a top CIA Agent.... you are the natural choice to.... save the West from Russian domination.' Gee, well, it's quite a thrill to be helping Uncle Ronnie further his Star Wars project and ensure that those Reds have no counter measure.... I don't think.